Now that I’m done with my taxes, my mind isn’t as cluttered and I’m beginning to think about travel again!  This is a close representation of how my mind works when thinking about my next travel adventure!  Honestly, it can be a lot more cluttered than what this graphic shows.  2017 is set and I stillRead More
Do you ever watch or learn of something and then dream about seeing that place or experiencing that same thing too? Well, I do. There have been many, like sitting on the Spanish Steps in Rome and eating a gelato (“Roman Holiday”), seeing Tuscany and Positano (“Under The Tuscan Sun”) or singing Do Re Mi atRead More
The world is a gloriously big place and I want to see and to experience as much of it as I possibly can. Now that I’m retired I have time to sort through my choices and create new dreams of places I want to explore next.  Looking at the map of Europe (which is my passion),Read More