Now that I'm done with my taxes, my mind isn't as cluttered and I'm beginning to think about travel again!  This is a close representation of how my mind works when thinking about my next travel adventure!  Honestly, it can be a lot more cluttered than what this graphic shows.  2017 is set and I still hope to walk my 2nd Camino in 2018, but I'd also like to travel someplace else too. Maybe Asia,
Do you ever watch or learn of something and then dream about seeing that place or experiencing that same thing too? Well, I do. There have been many, like sitting on the Spanish Steps in Rome and eating a gelato ("Roman Holiday"), seeing Tuscany and Positano ("Under The Tuscan Sun") or singing Do Re Mi at the fountain in the Mirabell Gardens in Salzburg, Austria ("Sound of Music"). Here are two more examples: In 2014 I
[URISP id=519] The world is a gloriously big place and I want to see and to experience as much of it as I possibly can. Now that I'm retired I have time to sort through my choices and create new dreams of places I want to explore next.  Looking at the map of Europe (which is my passion), I've been to most of the countries there (some places like Spain, Italy and the UK I've