So Many Dreams To Fulfill – So Little Time


Places I've Been: Italy, United Kingdom (includes Scotland), Spain, Portugal, France, Austria, Switzerland, Netherlands, Belgium, Czech Republic, Germany, Liechtenstein,

United States

Places I've Been: Hawaii, Washington State, Oregon, California, Idaho, Colorado, New York, Nevada, Arizona


Places I've Been: Vancouver


Places I've Been: Mexico, Phillipines, Argentina, Peru

Places I've Been: Italy, Unit...
United States
Places I've Been: Hawaii, Wash...
Places I've Been: Vancouver...
Places I've Been: Mexico, Phil...
The world is a gloriously big place and I want to see and to experience as much of it as I possibly can. Now that I’m retired I have time to sort through my choices and create new dreams of places I want to explore next.  Looking at the map of Europe (which is my passion), I’ve been to most of the countries there (some places like Spain, Italy and the UK I’ve been to more than once).  I love Europe! I would love to also visit Ireland, Iceland, Norway, Budapest, Turkey, Greece, Romania and Poland.
Not too long ago I visited Colorado for the first time and loved it.  It made me realize that there are a lot of places in the United States that I want to also see.  There are the National Parks, great cities like Boston, Philadelphia, Washington D.C., and I would love to see New York again.  Is there one place that is calling me the most?  The National Parks and Alaska would be great to see and some cities on the East Coast.
What about Asia and places like Thailand, Vietnam, Japan and Nepal?  Is there one place that is calling me the most? Probably Nepal to see Mt. Everest (albeit from a distance).
What about other places like South America?  I’ve been to Argentina and Peru, but I would also love to visit Chile and Bolivia.
What about Australia, New Zealand and Africa?  I would love to see Australia and New Zealand.  Africa would be wonderful too, but that journey may be very low on the list for now because of the time and health shots that are needed to make that journey.
And finally what about our North America neighbor? I would love to visit Canada again. I’ve only been to the West side (Vancouver).
This year, I’ll be traveling to Croatia for the first time with my sister.  We have booked a tour with GrapeHops which is owned by Shannon Essa (a long time Slow Travel Friend).  Shannon is awesome and she is a very knowledgeable and experienced traveler. I’m looking forward to Shannon’s tour and traveling with my sister for her first trip to Europe. I’m planning side trips to Venice, London, and maybe Rome, Florence, Umbria, Tuscany.
And there are my Camino de Santiago Pilgrimages that I LOVE and I am committed to doing more routes.  I walked the Camino Frances Route September to November in 2016.  My next Camino will be 2018 to walk the Camino Portuguese Route from Porto to Santiago de Compostela. Now that I’ve already reached Santiago de Compostela once and received my first Certificate (Compostela), I feel like there will be less pressure on me.  It will be less about finishing and more about the journey.  I, of course, still want to reach Santiago de Compostela because I love that town and the Cathedral.  I want to stay in Casa de Inmaculada again. I love that Apartment and it’s view and the owner, Ines Abad, is so wonderful to work with.
So there you have it.  I’m very excited to see what new adventures I will have during my new chapter and retirement life.
And the Dream lives on.



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