Where to Next?

Now that I’m done with my taxes, my mind isn’t as cluttered and I’m beginning to think about travel again!  This is a close representation of how my mind works when thinking about my next travel adventure!  Honestly, it can be a lot more cluttered than what this graphic shows. 
2017 is set and I still hope to walk my 2nd Camino in 2018, but I’d also like to travel someplace else too. Maybe Asia, South America or somewhere in America?  For 2019 I have a gazillion places in mind and I’m just waiting for something magical to jump out at me before I know where to go.
And I can’t believe how time is really flying.  In 2020 I somehow envisioned us flying around like the The Jetsons.  It would certainly make travel faster and easier.  I have so many places that I want to see and I am inspired daily by the wonderful trip reports and travel ideas I read about on my GO TO resource, Slow Europe Travel Forum. If you want some amazing travel ideas tips and advice you need to join the Forum.  There is also a Travel Fun thread which features: Photo of the Day, Travel Quizzes, Guess This Photo, and a Weekly Photo Hunt. These are not only fun, they inspire me with travel ideas.


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